Torre Crestarella



Immersed in a vast lush park and overlooking an enchanting private beach, Torre Crestarella is the ideal backdrop for celebrating an unforgettable wedding or any other special moment. Lights, scents, colors, and views adorn every space, while the garden, with its orange groves, majestic trees, and typical Mediterranean scrub, welcomes guests in an environment rich with romantic corners and fascinating perspectives.

View of Torre Crestarella

Private beach of Torre Crestarella

A Step into History

The large green spaces, connected by staircases and discreet paths, are adorned with a variety of flowers, including bougainvillea, hydrangeas, hibiscus, roses, and bird of paradise. The Tower, an emblem of 16th-century defensive architecture, has an internal room with thick walls and suggestive sea views, creating the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony of unparalleled historical charm.

Between Saracens and Normans

The terraces, suspended between sky and sea, offer a breathtaking view that extends from the Amalfi Coast to Punta Licosa, evoking stories, legends, and poems of a sea rich in history and traditions. The wine cellar, with its stone walls, and the well terrace, which offers an enchanting view of Salerno, add charm and atmosphere. The Tower is equipped with a modern kitchen and at the same time offers complete freedom in catering choices or can suggest trusted suppliers.

Flowering garden of Torre Crestarella

Terraced parking at Torre Crestarella


From there, you can observe the Two Brothers, the iconic rocks of Vietri sul Mare. According to legend, two shepherds were once enchanted by the sea nymph Roda. In a heroic attempt to save her, they drowned. Moved by their courage, Poseidon, the god of the sea, transformed them into rocks. Even the sheep of their flock suffered the same fate, becoming small rock formations. Thus, their story has been immortalized in a landscape that perpetuates the tale of their sacrifice and love.

Love Without Boundaries

From civil or symbolic weddings to civil unions and vow renewals, the Tower can host any type of ceremony because we believe that love is wonderful in all its forms.

Panoramic view of Vietri sul Mare

Services for unforgettable events

Small Details

The venue offers all the necessary services for an unforgettable event, including the organization of parties and weddings, assistance with administrative procedures for civil weddings, and information on transportation and boat excursions. Although there are no on-site rooms, our team of event planners will help you choose the best nearby accommodations, both owned and non-owned, ensuring you always have an impeccable experience for your special day.