Torre Crestarella


The Shape of Waves

The private beach has been shaped by the sea over the centuries, a slow process that has turned it into a serene and uncrowded retreat, enriched with cliffs and large rocks.

View of Torre Crestarella

Private beach of Torre Crestarella

Peace Away from the Chaos

The intimate and cozy beach establishment offers about 60 umbrellas in addition to around 40 sunbeds arranged on a wooden platform, and it is completed with cabins, a bar, a restaurant, and all services. It is an exclusive and tranquil environment, far from the city chaos and perfect for those seeking peace even on the busiest days.

Falling in Love Again

Beyond the beach, small water spaces among the rocks create enchanting hidden corners, offering breathtaking views that extend towards the horizon of Salerno, an ideal place to fall in love, whether for the first time or again, under the blue sky and the whisper of the waves.

Flowering garden of Torre Crestarella